Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Heavy earthquake in Iran:   

Heavy earthquake in Iran:   


A strong earthquake hit the Khashmar County of East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The quake was 5.0 in magnitude, killing several persons. The local authorities have confirmed a couple of deaths. The magnitude of the quake was high, killing more than 120 persons, with many others being injured, claimed the local media.       

According to reports, 35 people are being treated in various hospitals while others with minor injuries have been discharged. The administration’s governor of Kashmir has come forth to report that two people perished in the building collapse, while two others succumbed to injuries caused by the collapse of buildings.

The earthquake has hit at 1:24 pm local time on Tuesday. Buildings and vehicles have been seriously damaged within the radius of 6 kilometers. The earthquake hit Khashmar County that houses a population of 163,000 people. Back in 2003, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.6 had hit the city of Bam in Iran, killing 31,000 people.

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