Monday, July 22, 2024
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Heavy floods in Arunachal Pradesh: Villages submerged in water.     

Heavy floods in Arunachal Pradesh: Villages submerged in water.     


Torrent Triggers Weighty Floods in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam: Numerous regions of Arunachal Pradesh are being ravaged by floods and heavy rains. Numerous regions in the capital Itanagar have been immersed. Over the past few days, Arunachal Pradesh has been subjected to a series of heavy rains that have flooded numerous areas. This has been reported by the department of disaster management.

The circumstance in Arunachal Pradesh is declining. About 17,000 people are affected by floods in ten districts. Authorities have revealed that a sum of 968 towns have been impacted by flooding. People are being advised not to visit areas near waterfalls, streams, and rivers by authorities. For the next five days, the environmental department has said that many parts of Arunachal Pradesh could get a lot of rain.

Additionally, floods are getting worse in Assam. The state’s Central Clergyman Himanta Biswa Sharma reported this. In Assam, flooding has resulted in approximately forty deaths thus far. Authorities there have set up 134 alleviation camps. The rains have caused damage to roads and destroyed many houses. The Kushiyara Waterway in Karimganj, Barak Valley, is streaming over the peril mark.

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