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Here is the latest news on the Raj Tarun and Lavanya issue in Tollywood:

Here is the latest news on the Raj Tarun and Lavanya issue in Tollywood:


Actress Lavanya has filed a police complaint against actor Raj Tarun, alleging that he deceived her with a promise of marriage. She claimed that he left her for actress Malvi Malhotra. Lavanya stated in her complaint that they had been living together for seven years and that Raj Tarun had even married her in a temple.

On the other hand, Raj Tarun admitted that he was once in love with Lavanya but distanced himself from her because she was into drugs and pressured him to take them as well. He asserted that he no longer has any relationship with her. Raj Tarun also mentioned that Lavanya is now in a relationship with a man named Mastan Sai and is trying to tarnish his reputation.

The police have stated that there are inconsistencies in Lavanya’s claims and that many of the alleged evidence is incorrect. Lavanya also accused Raj Tarun of having affairs with multiple women, including Bigg Boss beauty Ariana Glory. She claimed that an interview with Ram Gopal Varma had changed Ariana’s life, leading her to gain more recognition through Bigg Boss.

After exiting the Bigg Boss house, Ariana received a film offer and played a special role in the movie “Anubhavinchu Raja,” which starred Raj Tarun. During that time, Ariana expressed her dislike for Raj Tarun, saying she would change the channel if his movies were on TV and wished he would get into an accident if she saw him while driving. Lavanya has now accused Raj Tarun of having an affair with Ariana.

Lavanya claimed that Raj Tarun only worked with Ariana for one day on a shoot, but they became close when she went to Goa. During her month-long stay there, Raj Tarun and Ariana allegedly met frequently. Lavanya said that it was Raj Tarun’s manager, actor Raja Ravindra, who informed her about the affair, otherwise, Raj Tarun’s secret would not have come to light.

These statements have gone viral on social media, and it remains to be seen how Raj Tarun and Ariana will respond to these allegations.

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