Thursday, July 25, 2024
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High Court Rejects Ex-CM KCR’s Petition Against Justice Narasimha Reddy Commission:

High Court Rejects Ex-CM KCR's Petition Against Justice Narasimha Reddy Commission:


Initially, KCR was ready for any inquiry. However, he later criticized the commission, asking how they could investigate him. Eventually, he questioned the commission’s authority and took the matter to court, challenging their right to question him. The outcome? The High Court dismissed his petition. In doing so, the High Court implicitly communicated several points. What are these points? What danger is looming over KCR due to the High Court’s action? The Congress government has accused KCR of several irregularities in the power purchase agreements with Chhattisgarh.

BRS leaders had previously asserted that there was not even a trace of irregularity and that they were ready for any inquiry. But when the commission, headed by Justice Narasimha Reddy, was set up, they argued it had no authority and went to court. They filed a petition seeking a stay on all activities and proceedings related to the commission. KCR filed a writ petition in the High Court on June 25. Upon reviewing the petition, the High Court bench not only refused to grant a stay but also dismissed the petition altogether, delivering a high-voltage shock to KCR.

To delve into the details of what transpired during the arguments in the High Court, KCR’s representatives argued that the entire inquiry was driven by a political agenda. They claimed that the commission’s approach appeared to be politically motivated. They argued that Justice Narasimha Reddy’s public statements were biased and that the notices sent to KCR should be immediately canceled. On the other hand, the Advocate General (AG) representing the government presented their arguments, stating that courts cannot interfere with the formation of a commission.

The AG highlighted that 15 witnesses had already been examined and that the commission had issued notices to KCR as early as April, granting him time due to elections. The commission had not acted with any bias, and KCR’s petition lacked merit. The AG stated that the notices to KCR were sent in accordance with the rules. The court, after hearing arguments from both sides, noted that there was nothing wrong with the commission conducting its inquiry. The court also mentioned that the commission’s report could be discussed in the assembly. This summarizes the proceedings in the High Court.

Why did KCR approach the court in the first place? The Electricity Commission had sent him notices twice, asking him to appear for the inquiry. However, KCR responded with a letter stating that his government had followed all procedures and had not committed any irregularities. He also tried to suppress the commission. This sparked another political storm, and he subsequently went to the High Court. With the High Court dismissing his petition, the commission has officially received the green light. It has become clear that there will be no obstacles to the inquiry. It seems certain that the commission will issue notices to KCR again.

While events will unfold as they may, KCR’s conduct in this matter appears somewhat intriguing. Initially, he boldly claimed to be ready for any inquiry, but now he is acting in complete reverse. Observing all these actions, it is clear that he appears to be afraid. The question from the ruling party is, why be afraid if there is no wrongdoing?

Overall, KCR’s current situation seems unfavorable. On one side, MLAs are slipping away; on the other, his daughter Kavitha is still languishing in Tihar Jail, KTR is not active, and the threat of impending cases looms large. No matter how one looks at it, KCR’s time seems to be quite bad. Amidst all this, if the commission issues notices again, will KCR respond? Will he attend the inquiry, or will he find another excuse to avoid it? This is just the issue with the Electricity Commission. There are still inquiries pending with the Kaleshwaram Project Commission and the Phone Tapping Case. It remains to be seen how the senior leader will handle these matters.

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