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High Court’s clarification on booking film tickets online in AP

Looking over the system of online bookings of movie tickets in Andhra Pradesh, High Court explicated that service charges should not be appended to ticket rates when selling them online. Yesterday, The High Court Justice DVS Somayajulu released a transitional order regarding this move. With the litigants’ order to register cross-actions, the lawsuit was postponed to the 15th of June.

First and foremost, the High Court had reckoned that the government didn’t have capability to stipulate the movie ticket rates. The owners of multiplex theaters said that tickets could be traded according to the old system. Owners can collect service charges on people who book tickets through an online system.

Aftermath the GO of ticket prices released by the government, the multiplex association has come across the government and said that the government didn’t add the part of the committee and weren’t even have regard for it. The association extended its expressions, saying, “Theatre owners offer online booking for viewers. They offer the opportunity to book a ticket from anywhere without having to wait in a queue. We pay service charges for providing airline and train tickets and food delivery services online. It is not correct to not comprise online service charges in movie ticket prices. The actual price charged is only to enter the hall.”

Definitely, there will be changes in the AP ticket prices if the High Court responds positively to the multiplex association and it is awaited till June 15.

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