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High Drama as Hyderabad Police Rescue Kidnapped Businessman

In a dramatic turn of events, Hyderabad’s Narsingi police successfully rescued businessman Mallem Sheshu Vardhan Reddy after he was kidnapped by two assailants on Saturday evening. The swift police action followed a distress call from his wife, Mallem Aruna, who reported the abduction.

The Abduction

The incident occurred around 9:30 PM when Reddy, 38, was traveling in a car with his business partner, Sushmita. They were intercepted at Narsingi Rotary-II by two men, Ande Kranthi Kumar and Kellelu Sandeep. The assailants forcibly stopped the car, assaulted Reddy, and threatened his life before dragging him into another vehicle and driving off. Their motive was to recover money they believed Reddy owed them.

Wife’s Quick Response

At approximately 10:10 PM, Reddy’s wife, Mallem Aruna, received a call from her husband’s phone, informing her of his abduction. She immediately called the police, recalling a recent dispute between Reddy and Kranthi Kumar over business transactions. Aruna expressed her gratitude to the police for their prompt response, despite the distressing sight of blood in the car when they arrived at the scene.

Swift Police Action

Narsingi inspector Guduru Hari Krishna Reddy detailed the police’s rapid response. “We alerted various toll gates and surrounding police stations. With the assistance of Addakula police, we apprehended the suspects at Addakula toll gate in Mahabubnagar and rescued Sheshu Vardhan Reddy by 12:30 AM,” he said.

Investigation and Motive

The investigation revealed that the conflict stemmed from business dealings in electronics and gold. The suspects, Kumar and Sandeep, had lent money to Reddy, which he allegedly failed to repay. Their frustration over the unpaid debt led to the kidnapping and subsequent threats as they attempted to reclaim their money. Inspector Reddy emphasized that the police caught the suspects while they were attempting to flee the scene.

Community Reaction

The incident has sparked discussions about safety and business ethics within the community. The swift action by the Narsingi police has been widely praised, with many acknowledging the importance of their vigilance and prompt response in ensuring the victim’s safe return.


The dramatic rescue of Mallem Sheshu Vardhan Reddy underscores the effectiveness of rapid police intervention and the importance of immediate reporting in crisis situations. This case also highlights the potential dangers involved in business transactions and the extreme measures some individuals may take to settle disputes. The Hyderabad police’s quick and efficient action in this high-stakes scenario serves as a reminder of the critical role law enforcement plays in maintaining public safety and order.

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