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Hyderabad Building Owner Arrested in Nampally Bazar Ghat Fire Tragedy City Grapples with Rising Incidents.

In the aftermath of the tragic fire incident at Nampally Bazar Ghat in Hyderabad on November 13th, the building owner, Ramesh Jaishwal, has been arrested by Nampally police. Following his court appearance, where he was remanded for 14 days, Jaishwal has been sent to Chanchal Guda Jail. The fire, originating from a garage on the ground floor of a four-story apartment, claimed the lives of approximately 10 people.

The police have registered a case under various sections, including negligent handling of explosives, in relation to the Nampally Bazarghat fire incident. This incident adds to the growing concern over the frequency of fire accidents in the city, with four major incidents reported in Secunderabad throughout the year.

The lack of robust measures by the authorities to address fire safety is evident, as the consecutive accidents fuel public panic. Despite assurances and promises of action from officials after each incident, the recurring nature of these tragedies remains a pressing issue.

The article also sheds light on the committee formation promised by authorities after such incidents, emphasizing the need for more proactive measures, including stricter regulations on godowns and commercial usage of residential buildings. The piece highlights the urgency for comprehensive and effective actions to prevent further loss of life in fire accidents plaguing the city

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