Monday, September 25, 2023
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Hyderabad Metro timings extended till 11 PM

Hyderabad Metro train timings have been extended till 11 PM, in a big relief to the Hyderabadis. Earlier Hyderabad Metro Rail trains were used to run till 10.15 PM. As a result many passengers who used to depend on Metro Rail faced problems during the night. With extension of timings till 11 PM, those who work late in the office or commercial establishments will be benefited. The extended timings will be implemented from Oct 10, Monday.

Welcoming extension of timings of Metro trains, travellers also demanded to increase the number of coaches and services. As the rush is severe in metro trains, especially during busy hours, passengers are facing severe problems. During busy hours, even getting coaches is getting difficult due to heavy rush. Therefore travellers urging HMR authorities to increase number of coaches. 

Hyderabad Metro Rail at present carries about 3 lakh passengers daily. The number of passengers has increased to pre-COVID levels. 

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