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Hyderabad Police Bolster Security for New Year Festivities

With the dawn of the New Year on the horizon, Hyderabad’s police force is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that celebrations in the city are both festive and safe. Under the vigilant guidance of Hyderabad CP Kothakota Srinivas Reddy, a comprehensive review meeting was conducted, laying down a series of stringent measures to safeguard citizens and maintain decorum during the festivities.

A paramount focus of these security measures is the safety of women. Recognizing the importance of this, CP Reddy instructed officials to ramp up security protocols and keep a watchful eye on events to deter and detect any drug-related activities. To maintain orderliness, celebrations have been curtailed, with a strict directive that all events cease by 1 am. This timing clarity has been communicated unequivocally to pub managers and event organizers, setting the stage for compliance.

Infrastructure-wise, stringent mandates have been instituted. Event venues are now mandated to install CCTV surveillance systems, ensuring real-time monitoring and deterring untoward incidents. The CP’s directives also encompassed maintaining event capacity limits, emphasizing a strict no to unauthorized or potentially inappropriate performances. Sound regulations have been set, ensuring that the auditory ambiance remains within acceptable limits, capped at 45 decibels, preserving the peace for residents nearby.

Furthermore, with an eye on traffic management and safety, meticulous parking arrangements are underway. A decisive stand has been taken against the presence of minors in venues where alcohol is served, ensuring a family-friendly atmosphere.

Beyond the celebratory aspects, the police are reinforcing measures against drunk driving. Any individual registering an alcohol content of 30mg or higher in breathalyzer tests will face immediate repercussions. Such violators will be detained, cases will be filed, and potential legal consequences, including fines up to Rs.10,000, imprisonment, or driving license suspensions, will be levied.

In summary, as Hyderabad gears up to usher in the New Year with enthusiasm, the police force’s proactive stance, collaboration with various departments, and emphasis on citizen safety underscore a commitment to ensuring a harmonious blend of celebration and responsibility.

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