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IIM Alumni got questioned by Twitter for it’s print ‘Founded by iiM Alumni’ on milk packet

Catching the sight of the print ‘Founded by IIM Alumni’ on the back of a milk packet from Country Delight, a Twitter user Namanbir Singh tweeted, ” What is the point of printing the founder of the milk company’s alma matter on the packet ?” Further, he added, ” To clarify, no hate for the company or their products. But trust should be built on the basis of quality, not college tags.”

These tweets have become viral on social media that took a way for trolls and silly memes. As per the statements given by maximum users of Twitter, the owner of the company wanted to use his college degree to sell the product. The comedian Aditi Mittal tweeted, ” The IIM stands for Indian Institute of Milking my IIM degree till the day I die.”

The tweet has also received some comments from the users. A user commented, ” Totally milking their degree.” Another user’s comment shows, ” To add creditability to the milk, which may otherwise not to be credible?”

“The problem lies more with the people who consider such tags so much, thereby creating a requirement for initiators to publish it. It also influences startup fundings, let alone buy decision for a milk packet”, said Vikas Prakash Singh, an income tax officer. The company IIM Alumni was established in the year 2015 by Nitin Kaushal and Chakradhar Gade.

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