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“IKEA Expands E-commerce Deliveries to Thousands of Pin Codes Across Four Indian States”

IKEA, the renowned Swedish home furnishing retailer, has responded to surging demand by expanding its e-commerce deliveries to encompass thousands of pin codes across 62 districts in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. This strategic move comes as IKEA experiences a consistent influx of customers traveling from nearby cities and towns to shop at their stores. The expansion introduces new customer meeting points that will provide access to a comprehensive range of over 7,500 home furnishing products. To facilitate a seamless shopping experience, customers can utilize the IKEA app, order online through the official website (, or opt for the “Shop by Phone” assistance service.

Susanne Pulverer, CEO & CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) at IKEA India, emphasized the significance of customer satisfaction and accessibility in these regions. Over the last five years, IKEA has garnered substantial love and trust from customers in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Pulverer stated, “Expanding our reach further in these markets means making IKEA more accessible to our customers, more convenient, and truly omnichannel.” This expansion aligns with IKEA’s commitment to sustainability, with 72% of customer orders in existing markets being fulfilled through electric vehicles. The company aims to enhance its supply chain capacities, reinforcing its dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

In light of the expansion, IKEA’s initiative not only caters to the evolving retail landscape but also underscores the brand’s emphasis on meeting the diverse needs of its customer base. The move towards omnichannel accessibility and sustainability reflects IKEA’s adaptability to changing consumer preferences and its commitment to responsible business practices in the Indian market.

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