Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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IND vs USA: Why Pakistan is Praying for India’s Victory

IND vs USA: Why Pakistan is Praying for India's Victory


Team India is all set to play its third match in the 2024 T20 World Cup. Rohit Sharma’s side is already at the top of Group A, having won against Ireland and Pakistan. The USA is the next destination for them to gain a berth in Super 8. This should, on paper, be an easy win for India, but any enthusiast will certainly warn you of the shock that the USA can cause, such as that of the Pakistan opening game.

This is not so much about hyping the team USA but more of the description of the pitch on which the game will take place. The most exceptional Indian batters struggled to make 120 runs on the Nassau pitch in New York, and Pakistan experienced the same.

But it is an intriguing conundrum that today—if ever Pakistani cricket lovers couldn’t care less about it—the Indian ones seem to be feeling much more desperate in wanting, almost needing it, that is, the arch-rivals to emerge winners over the USA. Quite the ironic situation prevails: since the dawn of an Indo-Pak rivalry, the fans hardly wish for the other’s victory. For once, poor Pakistan hopes probably that India will defeat the USA to keep its hope alive in Super 8 come this T20 World Cup 2024. Now, should the USA trounce India, a spot in the Super 8 beckons literally at the doorstep of Pakistan. India’s next in line for another encounter would be with Canada, and indeed a victory out of either match would ensure a place in the Super 8 for India. They are trying to clinch that second win for the USA that would come in their next game against Ireland. Now, if the USA does lose against India, then they have to win their last game against Ireland.

And if the USA also loses to Ireland. In such a scenario, the story would be different; if Pakistan comes out winning against both its opponents, the teams would both have two wins each, in which case the net run rate would decide the team to qualify for Super 8. Thus, if Pakistan’s Super 8 aspirations are to stay alive, India can beat the USA. It is an ambivalence that will see both Pakistani supporters as well as cricketers hoping against hope for an Indian victory. What, for you, is the spin on this situation?

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