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India’s First Fast Railway Test Track Nears Completion by October 2024.

India is gearing up to mark a monumental milestone in its railway infrastructure with the imminent completion of its inaugural fast railway test track. Situated near the Navan City railway station in Rajasthan’s Didwana district, this groundbreaking project represents a strategic leap towards elevating India’s railway capabilities to global standards. The ambitious venture, spearheaded by the North Western Railway (NWR) division, comes with a substantial investment of approximately Rs. 819.90 crores.

Captain Sasikiran, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of NWR, shed light on the project’s transformative impact on India’s railway landscape. Drawing inspiration from advanced railway systems in nations like America, Australia, and Germany, the 60 km test track is poised to be a beacon of innovation and efficiency.

Progress on the project has been commendable, as highlighted by Sasikiran. The meticulous planning and execution by the North Western Railway Jodhpur Division have ensured that over half of the track’s construction is already in advanced stages. A noteworthy segment of this development includes a 25 km stretch, where a major bridge, constituting 95 percent of its construction, has been successfully completed. Further augmenting the track’s infrastructure are 34 smaller bridges designed to facilitate rigorous testing scenarios, showcasing India’s commitment to comprehensive testing capabilities.

As the project evolves, Sasikiran unveiled the Railways’ forward-looking strategy, detailing plans for subsequent phases. The upcoming stages aim to establish a comprehensive ecosystem around the track, encompassing cutting-edge workshops, state-of-the-art laboratories, and residential complexes. Such holistic development endeavors emphasize India’s aspiration not only to emulate but also to set benchmarks in railway innovation and technology.

In conclusion, the impending completion of India’s first fast railway test track by October 2024 underscores the nation’s unwavering commitment to modernizing its railway infrastructure, fostering innovation, and aligning with global best practices.

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