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Inspiration Story: Father and Daughter Ace NEET Together in First Attempt

Inspiration Story: Father and Daughter Ace NEET Together in First Attempt


It is said that while a mother’s words can give us courage, a father instills confidence in us through his actions. A father is our first teacher, tirelessly working day and night to shape our future and pave a golden path for us. This story of a father and daughter is yet another example of how a father stands as an inspiration, a motivation, and an ideal figure for his child. To instill confidence in his daughter, this father went as far as clearing the highly challenging NEET exam. The father and daughter studied together and surprised everyone by securing ranks on their first attempt.

Fifty-year-old Vikas Mangotra, a corporate employee in Delhi, became an inspiration for his daughter Meemansa (18) while she was preparing for this year’s NEET UG exam. When she encountered a doubt, she went to her father, who explained it simply. Seeing her father easily explain difficult concepts surprised her, and she decided to select him as her teacher for the NEET exam. When she shared this idea with Mangotra, he also aspired to be a good teacher for his daughter. They both prepared for the NEET UG exam together and later appeared at different test centers in Delhi NCR. In the recently announced NEET UG results, both qualified in their first attempt, astonishing everyone.

Originally from Jammu, Mangotra had qualified for NEET in 2022 as well. In the early 1990s, he attended the state PMT, aspiring to become a doctor. Despite having enough marks to secure a seat in a medical college, personal issues led him to join an engineering course the following year. Over the past two decades, Mangotra has appeared for several competitive exams, including GATE, JKCET, and UPSC Civil Services. He mentioned that when he first took the NEET exam in 2022, it was to test his own abilities and to better understand the nature of the exam. He took the NEET exam again in 2024 to motivate his daughter and improve his teaching skills.

Speaking to the media, Mangotra shared that his experience has been incredibly rewarding and that his efforts to support and motivate his daughter have been worthwhile.

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