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Instagram Tests New ‘Trial Reels’ Feature for Creators

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called ‘Trial Reels’ that allows creators to experiment with their content without it appearing on their profiles. According to a recent report from TechCrunch, Instagram has begun global testing of this feature, although it has not yet been integrated into the stable version of the app.

The ‘Trial Reels’ feature is designed to help users test their content in a low-pressure environment. It was initially part of Instagram’s ‘Experiment Mode’ and was first identified by reverse engineer Alessandro Puluzzi in April of this year. This feature aims to provide creators with a way to gauge the performance of their reels before fully committing to sharing them with their followers.

How ‘Trial Reels’ Work

The ‘Trial Reels’ feature enables users to share their reels with non-followers to gather insights on engagement metrics such as likes and comments. After reviewing these metrics, creators can decide whether to make the reel visible to their followers or to archive it. This gives creators a valuable opportunity to refine their content based on real-time feedback without impacting their profile’s aesthetic or engagement metrics.

Importantly, trial reels will not be visible on the creator’s profile and will not be shown to their followers by default. However, they can still reach followers if someone shares the reel with them. The reel will be automatically archived 24 hours after the creator has made their decision to either share it broadly or archive it.

Meta’s Response

Meta has not confirmed whether this feature will be officially added to the Instagram app. In a statement to TechCrunch, Meta said, “We’re always exploring different ways for creators to express themselves on Instagram, but nothing to share at the moment.”

Enhancements to Instagram Notes

In addition to testing the ‘Trial Reels’ feature, Meta recently announced enhancements to the ‘Notes’ function on Instagram. The Notes feature, which has gained popularity since its launch around 18 months ago, now supports likes, mentions, and prompts. These updates are aimed at making Notes more interactive and integral to the overall user experience on Instagram. By adding these functionalities, Instagram seeks to boost user engagement and provide more dynamic ways for users to communicate and share content.


Instagram’s new ‘Trial Reels’ feature represents a significant step in providing creators with a flexible and low-risk way to test their content. This feature can potentially improve content quality and engagement by allowing creators to refine their reels based on initial feedback before sharing them with a wider audience. While Meta has not confirmed the permanent inclusion of this feature, its testing phase indicates Instagram’s commitment to enhancing the creator experience.

Meanwhile, the enhancements to the Notes feature reflect Instagram’s ongoing efforts to make the platform more interactive and user-friendly. By continually exploring and testing new features, Instagram aims to maintain its position as a leading social media platform that caters to the evolving needs of its diverse user base.

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