Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Instant Solution to Hyderabad Traffic: New Police Experiment with Advanced Drones

Instant Solution to Hyderabad Traffic: New Police Experiment with Advanced Drones


To address the traffic issues in Cyberabad, the police have introduced a new method. Despite several attempts in the past to overcome traffic problems in the IT Corridor, the Cyberabad police are ready to implement a new strategy. They plan to solve the traffic problems using aerial survey lines, utilizing advanced drone cameras equipped with the latest technology. These drones will monitor the traffic conditions at junctions within a 100-meter radius.

Cyberabad IT Corridor is the busiest area within the jurisdiction of Hyderabad’s three commissionerates, where daily traffic problems are commonplace. The upcoming monsoon season is expected to worsen the traffic situation. Thousands of software employees constantly face difficulties due to these traffic issues. To mitigate these problems, Cyberabad police are employing this new drone technology. They will target busy junctions in the IT Corridor, flying the drone cameras within a 100-meter radius, and using the visuals provided to quickly resolve issues.

Apart from addressing traffic congestion, this technology will also assist the police in swiftly reaching road accident sites. The drones are designed to allow police to directly view accident sites and immediately dispatch relevant officers as directed by senior officials. As soon as a traffic congestion area is detected, the drone cameras will promptly send information to the control room, making this technology a vital “3rd eye” for the police.

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