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IRS Officer Anusuya to Anukathir Surya: A Historic First in India

IRS Officer Anusuya to Anukathir Surya: A Historic First in India


For the first time in India’s history, an IRS officer has undergone a gender change, creating a sensation. A female officer has transitioned to male, changing her name from Anusuya to Anukathir Surya. This groundbreaking change has set a new precedent in Indian civil services.

Historic Gender Change in IRS

IRS officer Anusuya appealed to the central government to change both her gender and name. Recently, the central government reviewed the rules thoroughly and approved the change, marking her as the first IRS officer to undergo a gender change. This historic decision highlights the evolving landscape of gender identity within the civil services.

Central Government’s Approval

M. Anusuya, 35, who works at the Chief Commissioner’s Office of the Customs, Excise, and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal in Hyderabad, requested the Ministry of Finance to recognize her as male. The Ministry of Finance issued an order accordingly. This approval not only reflects the government’s commitment to inclusivity but also sets a significant milestone for other civil service officers undergoing similar transitions.

Official Records Update

The order stated: “Recently, our office received a request from IRS officer Anusuya of the 2013 batch, currently serving as Joint Commissioner at the CESTAT AR office in Hyderabad. She requested that all government official records reflect her new name and gender. We have made the necessary changes in all official records and now recognize her as male.” This step ensures that Anukathir Surya’s new identity is officially acknowledged across all governmental platforms.

A New Chapter in Civil Services

This historic change has made Anukathir Surya the first IRS officer to undergo a gender change, setting a new precedent in Indian civil services. The recognition of gender change within the IRS not only promotes diversity but also encourages other officers to embrace their true identities. This landmark decision underscores the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in the professional sphere.

By undergoing this gender change, Anukathir Surya has paved the way for future officers in the IRS and other civil services to confidently embrace their gender identities. This momentous event marks a significant step forward in the journey towards equality and acceptance in India’s civil services.

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