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Is Salaar a remake of Ugramm?

The term Ugramm is trending on social media and the reason for it is its connection with Prabhas’ upcoming pan-India film Salaar. It is widely discussed whether Salaar is a remake of Ugramm movie. This angle came out, ever since the project was launched. But director Prashant Neel vehemently condemned the news and rumours that Salaar is a remake of Ugram movie. 

But once again the topic, ‘whether Salaar is a remake of Ugramm’ surfaced making it trending. The reason for this, an OTT platform on which Ugramm was being streamed removed it from the platform. This has raised doubts about Salaar’s remake connection with Ugramm.

Salaar is releasing on Dec 22 on the occasion of Christmas festival season. So some believe that makers might have ensured removal of Ugramm movie from the OTT platform. Some others feel that as Salaar might have similarities with Ugramm, latter movie might have been removed from OTT. While the discussion is going on, Salaar team is stressing that Salaar is not a remake of Ugram movie.

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