Monday, July 22, 2024
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Is YSRCP Leader Jagan Caught in Another Scandal?

Is YSRCP Leader Jagan Caught in Another Scandal?


New details are emerging about Jagan’s security arrangements, sparking a fresh controversy. In the recent elections, a new TDP government has been formed in Andhra Pradesh. During the past five years, Jagan allocated nearly ₹296 crores solely for his security.

Though it seems bizarre, it’s undeniably true. Jagan and his family are guarded by nearly 1,000 police officers. Interestingly, this number exceeds the combined security details of all South Indian Chief Ministers’ residences. This is only when Jagan is at home.

When he steps out, the security detail multiplies two or three times. Particularly around the Tadepalli Palace, there are checkpoints at every step and advanced security systems in place. Additionally, a 30-foot high iron wall has been constructed around the palace. Simply put, Jagan has established a fortress reminiscent of a ‘Baahubali’ castle.

The YSRCP leader has set up numerous checkpoints around his house and monitors neighboring houses with drones. This stringent security isn’t just during his time in power—it continues even now. While CM Chandrababu Naidu has a bulletproof Fortuner vehicle, former CM Jagan possesses two bulletproof Land Cruiser cars.

Even the residences of the Prime Minister and President of India don’t have security of this scale. Around the Tadepalli Palace alone, 310 guards are stationed. Accounting for three shifts, nearly 950 personnel are involved. Like in the movie “Chanti Gaadu,” when Jagan steps onto the road, curtains are drawn on both sides, shops are closed, and traffic is halted.

While in power, Jagan introduced a law specifically for his security. The Andhra Pradesh Special Security Group (SSG) Act was enacted, creating a commando-style SSG unit. 379 personnel are constantly engaged in his protection.

Apart from Jagan, his wife Bharathi, mother Vijayamma, and residences in Tadepalli, Lotus Pond, Idupulapaya, and Pulivendula are guarded by 52 police officers around the clock. Moreover, security arrangements are made to protect his family members when Jagan travels abroad. Even after Jagan stepped down as Chief Minister, this level of security continues. Yet, Jagan is merely an MLA from Pulivendula and does not hold an opposition leader status. He is being provided security exceeding that of a Chief Minister.

Despite all this, during the election period, stones and shoes were thrown at Jagan during roadshows in Nandyala and Vijayawada. People are questioning how this is possible. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) describes this as a political drama staged by YSRCP. Currently, it is believed that the TDP government is considering revising Jagan’s security arrangements.

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