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ISS Captured Hurricane Beryl Visuals:

ISS Captured Hurricane Beryl Visuals:


 Staggering visuals of the scary Hurricane Beryl that evolved over the Eastern Caribbean region have been captured by the International Space Station. The video, taken from an altitude of 400 kilometers above Earth, clearly captures the full size and intensity of the hurricane. Hurricane Beryl has increased to a Category 4 storm, churning at a speed of 257 kilometers per hour. This growth is marked by outer space. These images of the hurricane were clicked by NASA astronaut Matthew Dominic. Sharing it on the social media site ‘X’, Matthew said that it offered a distinct view and a tremendous curiosity about the weather.
The National Hurricane Center has termed Hurricane Beryl a calamity, saying that it would severely strike the shores of Jamaica along with other Caribbean islands. The hurricane is currently 840 miles east-southeast of Kingston, Jamaica. Scientists have issued early warnings regarding the severe changes in the weather. High temperatures in the North Atlantic region are further raising Hurricane Beryl, scientists noted. Secondly, scientists noted that the intensity of this hurricane indicates that global warming is having a more significant impact.

Already, the hurricane has destroyed many parts of the Eastern Caribbean region. Power lines have been cut, and the streets have been reached by floodwaters. Hurricane watches have already been raised on several islands, including Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Some areas could get up to 25 centimeters of rain, according to scientists. Hurricane Beryl is tracking westward and may bring strong winds toward Jamaica by the end of the weekend. According to the reports, the rainfalls will be in the range of 10-20 cm in some areas and up to 31 cm over other places.
 Scientists evaluate the extent and erosion of Hurricane Beryl by looking at footage released by the International Space Station.

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