Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Jagan’s Arrival to Tadepalli: What’s YSRCP Chief Jagan’s Next Plan?

Jagan's Arrival to Tadepalli: What's YSRCP Chief Jagan's Next Plan?


What is the next plan for YSRCP chief Jagan? Will he attend the assembly after TDP denied the status of the opposition? What kind of instructions will he give to his leaders? These are the questions that have been troubling the YSRCP workers.

Former AP CM Jagan will be arriving directly in Vijayawada from Bengaluru on Tuesday. From the airport, he will head to Tadepalli. Leaders are busy making arrangements to welcome him at Gannavaram Airport. Jagan went to Pulivendula from Tadepalli on June 22 and held meetings with the people and leaders for three days. On the 24th, he went to Bengaluru with his wife.

Jagan has been closely observing the developments since TDP came to power. The TDP government has replaced officials and kept those who acted as YSRCP stooges away from postings. It is reported that Jagan’s sources have provided him with this information. Meanwhile, the TDP government is considering reducing Jagan’s security. He had previously implemented a law for security wherever he went, but the TDP government is planning to amend this law in the upcoming assembly sessions.

YSRCP leaders who lost in the elections have reached out to key leaders from Janasena, BJP, and Congress, holding discussions. It is reported that Jagan has a report on this. Upon arriving in Tadepalli on Tuesday, Jagan is thinking of holding a meeting with the leaders. There is a concern that those who do not attend may distance themselves from the party. Although Jagan has decided to engage with the public, party sources say he has postponed this for another six months. The reason is that it might not be appropriate to engage with the public immediately after the new government has taken office. They believe that going public a year later would allow them to expose the schemes of the TDP government. According to internal party information, it is better to react to the TDP government’s actions indirectly rather than making open statements against it.

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