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Janaka Aithe Ganaka Teaser:

Janaka Aithe Ganaka Teaser:


Janaka Aithe Ganaka Teaser:Suhas, who became a hero with the movie “Color Photo,” has proven that a hero doesn’t need to have fair skin, a six-pack, or be a nepotism kid as long as the story is good. With his first movie winning a national award, Suhas’ name became widely recognized. After this film, he has been impressing audiences both as a hero and a comedian.

In the meantime, he also impressed and surprised everyone as a villain in “Hit 2.” Suhas achieved notable hits with movies like “Writer Padmabhushan” and “Ambajipeta Marriage Band.” This time, he is back with another new story. Suhas is acting as the hero in the film “Janaka Aithe Ganaka,” produced by Dil Raju. Directed by Sandeep Bandla, Sangeerthana is acting alongside Suhas in this film.

The posters released from this movie have already caught the audience’s attention. Recently, the makers released the teaser of the film. The teaser is captivating from start to finish. It humorously portrays how burdensome it is to have and raise children in this generation. A middle-class young man, after getting married and settling down, desires to have children and thinks about providing the best for them.

He strives to have his children study in the best school and get admitted to the best college. He thinks of not having children until he reaches a certain level. However, relatives constantly pester him with questions about when he will have children. What did he do in that situation? Why is the hero so scared of having children? The movie “Janaka Aithe Ganaka” reveals the hero’s circumstances, which can only be known by watching the film.

In this generation, it can be said that every married couple is thinking like the hero. With even LKG fees being in lakhs, how can a middle-class person afford to educate their children? The director seems to be showcasing this struggle. This movie is coming to the audience soon. We will have to see if Suhas scores another hit with this film.

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