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Jr. NTR: “I Was Angry at My Grandfather Then” – Emotional Tarak

Jr. NTR: "I Was Angry at My Grandfather The" - Emotional Tarak


As the grandson of the legendary NTR Jr. NTR, also known as Tarak has carved out successful career in his own right. He has earned admiration from both the general public and celebrities. Recently, star actor Vijay Sethupathi named Tarak as his favorite actor. This highlights the widespread recognition Tarak has achieved. Jr. NTR’s immense popularity surged after the blockbuster movie “RRR.” This film elevated him from being a top Tollywood hero to a pan-India star. Now he has fans from various countries.

Tarak’s talent in acting and dancing is well-known, and his fans often praise his ability to deliver complex dialogues effortlessly and perform difficult dance steps with ease. This immense fan following is not just limited to ordinary people; many celebrities are also his admirers. 

Emotional Comments About His Grandfather

Recently, some emotional comments made by Tarak about his grandfather, the legendary Sr. NTR, have been circulating on social media. Tarak shared these sentiments in a past interview, where he revealed his complex feelings towards his grandfather.

Tarak recalled an incident from his childhood: “Once, my grandfather called me and spoke to my mother. He said, ‘We have been distant for a long time. Don’t worry about it. My heir is born from your womb. You fulfill your responsibilities in shaping him, and I will fulfill mine.’ He passed away shortly after that. I was angry. He said he would fulfill his responsibility but then left us. He left me an orphan. I felt a sense of direction, but he left me as an orphan again. I was confused and hurt.”

Tarak continued, explaining how his perspective has changed over time: “Now that I am older, I understand. NTR gave me three precious letters. He gave me his resemblance. There is nothing more I need. His blessings and his part of the responsibility were fulfilled by him. My mother fulfilled her responsibility. Now, I am fulfilling mine.”

Fans’ Reactions

These emotional comments have gone viral on social media, prompting reactions from fans. They have expressed their support, saying that Sr. NTR’s blessings will always be with Tarak, and that millions of fans will continue to stand by him. Fans have commented, “No matter where the great man is, his blessings will always be with you. With millions of fans supporting you, there’s nothing more you need.”

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