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Jr. NTR: Major Relief for the Young Tiger in a Legal Case  

Jr. NTR: Major Relief for the Young Tiger in a Legal Case  


Jr. NTR: Major Relief for the Young Tiger in a Legal Case   Currently, Jr. NTR is super busy working on his new movie “Devara,” which is being directed by the famous director Koratala Siva. The film wrapped up a cool action schedule in Goa and is all set for a big release worldwide on September 27. Exciting stuff, right?

Now, let’s get into legal stuff – Jr. NTR was caught up in a property regarding his house in Jubilee Hills Housing Society, Hyderabad. There was a tussle over the bank’s rights to his property, which ended up going to court. Jr. NTR wasn’t too happy with the decisions made by the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) that were in favor of the banks. So, he decided to challenge them and took the matter to the High Court.

Recently, the Telangana High Court had a look at his petition, listened to both sides’ arguments, and guess what? They overturned the DRT’s decisions! On top of that, they asked the DRT to review everything again – talk about a turn of events!

To give you some background, Jr. NTR bought this piece of land back in 2003 from Sunku Geeta in Jubilee Hills Housing Society. But here’s the twist – the land was already mortgaged to several banks since way back in 1996 due to loans taken out by previous owners. With those loans still unpaid, banks claimed rights over it which obviously didn’t sit well with Jr. NTR.

But hey, things are looking up now with the court ruling in his favor.

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