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Judicial Custody of BRS MLC K Kavitha Extended Until July 3

Extension of Judicial Custody

In a recent development, the Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi has decided to extend the judicial custody of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Member of Legislative Council (MLC) K Kavitha until July 3. This decision comes concerning the ongoing investigation into the alleged liquor policy scam. Originally, Kavitha’s custody was set to conclude today, but the court has ruled in favor of an extension.

Court Proceedings

K Kavitha was presented before Judge Kaveri Bhaveja by authorities from Tihar Jail. The courtroom saw the presence of her husband, Anil, and their sons, who came to show their support during this critical hearing. The judicial proceedings focused on the need for continued custody to aid in the ongoing investigation and ensure a comprehensive inquiry into the allegations.

The Liquor Policy Scam Case

The case revolves around purported irregularities and corruption in the liquor licensing policies. The scam has attracted significant media attention and scrutiny, with various political and business figures under investigation. K Kavitha’s involvement has been a focal point, given her prominent political position and influence within the BRS.

Legal and Public Reactions

The extension of Kavitha’s custody has elicited varied reactions from different quarters. Legal experts argue that such extensions are not uncommon in complex cases involving financial misconduct and large-scale corruption. They emphasize the importance of allowing investigative agencies adequate time to gather evidence and build a robust case.

Supporters of Kavitha have expressed their concern and disappointment over the prolonged judicial custody. Many believe that the investigation should be expedited to ensure a fair and swift resolution. On social media and other platforms, there has been a mix of support for Kavitha and calls for stringent actions against corruption.

Impact on Political Landscape

Kavitha’s extended custody has implications for the political landscape, particularly in Telangana. As a senior member of the BRS and daughter of the party’s chief, K Chandrashekar Rao, her legal troubles are likely to affect the party’s image and strategy. The opposition has been vocal, using the scandal to criticize the ruling party and call for greater accountability.

Next Steps in the Case

The next court date is set for July 3, where further developments and decisions regarding Kavitha’s custody and the broader case are expected. The court will likely review the progress of the investigation and determine the necessity of continued custody or any changes in the legal proceedings.


The extension of K Kavitha’s judicial custody until July 3 signifies the ongoing complexities and seriousness of the liquor policy scam investigation. As the case progresses, it remains a significant point of interest for the public, legal experts, and political analysts. The outcome of this high-profile case could have lasting impacts on political dynamics and governance practices in Telangana and beyond. The next hearing will be crucial in shaping the future course of this investigation and determining the legal fate of K Kavitha.

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