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Kalki 2898 AD Audience review

Kalki 2898 AD Audience review


The most anticipated movie of our generation at last hit the theater

Kalki is not a movie but it’s a gigantic experience which you have not experienced before in your lifetime

I never expected an Indian movie to be in this scale , oh my god every frame is big and larger than life

Some or other movie will come in world cinema and create the ceiling for its scale, but first time I can say kalki our movie has created that ceiling

It’s out and out director(Nag Ashwin) movie, where you feel characters are coming and going

But there are some serious glitches which I can feel can be subtracted from the movie, then movie can become little more engaging and gripping

I cannot say this is the best movie of world cinema but definitely one time watch where you go and experience the future world

Note : avoid 3D version as there is no much impact of it and also I felt like I have missed the detailing because of darkness of glass

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