Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Kalki Movie Part 2 Update

Kalki Movie Part 2 Update


Prabhas’ movie “Kalki 2898AD” is storming the theaters with positive talk. Everyone is speaking about the visuals, action scenes, and Mahabharata references. Nag Ashwin’s incredible directions are also gaining appreciation. Collections-wise also, the film does well. On the first day alone, “Kalki” grossed ₹191 crores, and in two days, it grossed ₹298.5 crores.

However, in the climax of ‘Kalki’, it was announced that there would be a Part 2 and other movies in the Kalki Cinematic Universe. This climax ended with an exciting twist which left all audiences waiting for Part 2. In the recent Instagram live session, Prabhas and Nag Ashwin said that work on “Kalki Part 2” will start in another 10 days.

Producer Ashwini Dutt has shared some exciting updates concerning the movie in his recent conversation with a few journalists. He mentioned that 60% of the shooting for “Kalki Part 2″ is already completed, and the remaining shoot will commence soon. The release date will be considered only afterward. the shoot is over.”. This news brought smiles to the faces of Prabhas fans who are eagerly waiting for Part 2. With 60% of the shoot already done, one wouldn’t be surprised if “Kalki Part 2” makes it to theatres next year.

In the first film of “Kalki”, characters from the Mahabharata such as Arjuna, Krishna, Karna, and Ashwatthama were already introduced. From this storyline and climax, it looks like the birth of Kalki is going to be shown in the second part with the characters of Arjuna, Karna, Ashwatthama—maybe even Krishna. It looks like most of the Mahabharata characters are going to join in the second part to fight Kali for the birth of Kalki. With just this one film, Nag Ashwin has set a pretty high benchmark for Part 2, and now everybody is looking forward to seeing what he will show in it.

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