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Kamal Haasan’s Media Chat about Bharateeyudu 2:

Kamal Haasan's Media Chat about Bharateeyudu 2


It is no exaggeration to say that Kamal Haasan, the Universal Hero, has performed roles and experiments that no one else has. Whether it’s playing a mute character, portraying a dwarf, or taking on ten different roles, the entire film industry unanimously acknowledges that no actor surpasses Kamal Haasan. Telugu audiences also hold him in high regard and eagerly anticipate his movies. His latest film, Bharateeyudu 2, is set to release on the 12th of this month.

28 Years Later

Directed by Shankar, the original Bharateeyudu was released 28 years ago and became a blockbuster. Many films inspired by its anti-corruption theme followed. During a recent media interaction, Kamal said, “It’s a matter of pride that our films are now reaching Oscar standards. This proves that Indian talent is on par with global standards. However, this achievement shouldn’t be temporary. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the Telugu film industry produces the highest number of films worldwide. All producers, whether big or small, should remember this. Our films should be discussed globally, not just for the sake of making them but for their quality. There was a time when being nominated for an Oscar was considered a great honor. Now, seeing our Indian films in the Oscar categories makes my heart swell with pride.”

I Don’t Think About the Role

“When our films consistently achieve Oscar-level quality, the Oscar committee will seek our advice. Our films should reflect this stamina and range. These are not words of arrogance or pride. I never think about how long my role is; I focus on the impact of the role, regardless of its length. Bharateeyudu 2 is a film that suits the current generation. This film is connected to almost every state in India.”

Need of the Society Today

“The story of Bharateeyudu 2 was conceived to be as innovative and different from routine as the original. Our director Shankar crafted the film to be relevant to today’s trends and societal needs, showcasing the necessity of a true Indian hero. In the original Bharateeyudu, I played an 80-year-old man when I was just 40. That was entirely the director’s vision. I simply followed his instructions. Even now, 28 years later, I see the same passion in director Shankar. I was deeply moved while listening to the story. I will always be indebted to directors who give me such roles and encourage me,” said Kamal Haasan.

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