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Kannada movie Kantara turning into a classic hit

Kannada movie Kantara released during last weekend is turning into a classic hit. This movie which is set in the rural Karnataka area basing on Kannada culture and tradition, is getting both good reviews and box office collections. Its impact has been so intense that even movie lovers from other languages are also showing interest in this Kannada film. 

Hombale Films which produced magnum opus KGF movie produced Kantara. Kannada actor and director Rishab Shetty directed it and played lead role. Kantara has become such a hit that it reportedly collected more than Rs 15 Cr in its first week. This is surely a very good amount for a movie which released without much expectations. What’s important is, it is just getting good response and increased patronage from movie lovers, as word of mouth spread. That means collections will only swell in the coming days and race towards records. 

What’s heartening about Kantara is, besides good collections, it is getting rave reviews from critics and audience. Movie lovers are flooded by its authenticity and intenseness. All these developments are turning Kantara into a classic hit. 

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