Monday, July 22, 2024
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“Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Praises Global Hindu Anticipation for Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir


In a fervent statement, Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay conveyed the immense eagerness within the worldwide Hindu community for the consecration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Notably, a special pooja was conducted at the Karimnagar Mahashakti temple on the occasion of Ram’s death, drawing participation from many who took initiation for the well-being of Lord Rama.

Bandi Sanjay emphasized the profound connection between temples and the life of Lord Rama, stating that they are all established in his honor. Urging the public not to miss the afternoon spectacle of the Ram Mandir Prana Pratishta Drushya, Sanjay proudly declared Telangana’s leading role among states in contributing donations for the construction of the Ram Mandir.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s call, Sanjay encouraged Hindus to light five Ram Jyotuli (lamps) in front of their homes, aligning with the preparations for Diwali celebrations across the country. In the evening, a festive atmosphere is anticipated at Telangana Square in Karimnagar. Notably, Sanjay expressed his excitement for the viewing of the Ayodhya Ram Temple at the Karimnagar Mahashakti Temple, featuring Saikata designed by artist Venkatesh. He also proudly shared his previous participation in Ayodhya Karaseva, considering it a deeply rooted connection to this significant event.”

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