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Karnataka Elephant Rupavathi Coming to Telangana: Konda Surekha’s Effort

Karnataka Elephant Rupavathi Coming to Telangana: Konda Surekha's Effort


In India, elephants are traditionally regarded as the forms of Lord Ganesha. Many famous temples in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka have their own elephants. Such elephants play a special role in spiritual activities and festive processions. Normally, a deity is carried on a decorated howdah atop an elephant. Keeping an elephant for temple festivals is generally a hectic affair in the Telugu states. Hence, the elephants are brought from the neighboring states in most cases during festivals and they are sent back after the events are over.

Konda Surekha’s Initiative

Konda Surekha, the present Telangana Minister of Endowments, has proposed and approved that an elephant is necessary for processions during traditional festivals in Telangana. A part of this process involved multiple discussions she held with the Karnataka Forest Department Minister, which have now reached some fruitful conclusions. The Karnataka Forest officials are ready to transfer an elephant to Telangana.

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Rupavathi from Karnataka

Efforts are on to bring an elephant named Rupavathi from the Panchacharya Mandir Trust in Davangere of Karnataka state to Telangana. Authorities are striving to expedite the process of bringing Rupavathi to Telangana as the Bonalu and Moharram festivals are nearing. People of the Telugu states attach much importance to elephant processions as the elephant is considered a heritage animal. The elephant is the national animal of Thailand also.

Elephant Conservation Day

This day was started in 2012 and was also the formation day of the World Society for elephants. In the year 2017, there was a survey for the enumeration of elephants in India, and the total count of elephants in the entire country was 27,312. However due to a change in the environmental condition, elephants have been added to the list of endangered species. According to statistics, nearly 300 elephants have become extinct from 2012 onwards. Forest depletion, cost of maintenance, and climatic change have all played their role in reducing the elephant population. Therefore, major temples in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala have been undertaking the task of elephant conservation to their revenues.

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Rules Relating to Elephant Maintenance

One needs permission from the Forest Department for the maintenance of an elephant. There are a few rules to be followed while obtaining such permission. The elephant should be properly cared for and protected. The elephant shall not be used for any other purpose other than temple processions, and it shall not be given any kind of punishment or hardship. Only after the agreement to these conditions is the elephant handed over. People in Telangana have very much appreciated Konda Surekha’s efforts in the matter.

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