Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Karnataka government’s decision.. KGF gearing up to resume   

Karnataka government's decision.. KGF gearing up to resume   


The Karnataka government is considering resuming operations at the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), which has been a source of nostalgia for many. The mention of KGF immediately evokes memories, with people recalling tales of Salaam Rocky Bhai and children mimicking scenes, creating a buzz. Until the release of this movie, many were unaware of the presence of such a gold mine in our country. The movie not only entertained but also shed light on a region that is truly a goldmine in our country. Once upon a time, people here used to dig for gold and extract it, turning it into a source of wealth. However, over time, they abandoned these activities. The government is now contemplating reopening these gold fields, which, if done, could transform the area into a prosperous township. The Cabinet meeting held on Thursday decided on this matter. Following the Cabinet meeting, H.K. Patil, the Minister for Mines and Geology, spoke to the media, making significant remarks. He stated that the Siddaramaiah government had recently approved the resumption of mining operations in 13 tailing dumps spanning 1,003.4 acres in the mining area of Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) in Kolar district, under Section 17 of the Mineral Conservation and Development Rules (MCDR). He also requested the Centre to approve the transfer of 2,330 acres of land allotted to BGML to the approved township for rehabilitation of mining-affected people. However, it is currently pending with the Centre. The move to resume mining at KGF is expected to not only generate revenue for the government but also create significant employment and educational opportunities for local youth. Patil also stated that if the BGML’s 2,330 acres of land is not transferred to the township by 2022-23, Karnataka will have to pay Rs. 75,24,88,025 to the Centre. He urged the Centre to expedite the transfer of this land. The world over, gold mines, which are like treasure troves, are slowly depleting. In this scenario, reviving KGF and resuming mining operations could bring in substantial revenue for the Centre and state governments. The government has decided to revive KGF to tap into these resources. They are currently in the process of mining in at least 5,213 hectares of land in the Kolar, Bangarpet, and Bangarapet areas. This time, they are also holding BGML accountable for this obligation.

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