Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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“Karnataka Govt Bans Food Colors in Kebabs”

"Karnataka Govt Bans Food Colors in Kebabs"


     The ban on the use of artificial coloring agents in food products is a significant decision made by the Karnataka government. The declaration was made authoritatively by the Wellbeing Pastor. In Karnataka, it is illegal to use artificial coloring agents in restaurants and hotels, especially those that serve dishes like chicken and fish kebabs. The decision was made solely with the intention of preventing harm to public health. Disregarding these guidelines could prompt extreme punishments, remembering as long as 7 years for prison and a fine of Rs. 10 lakhs. In addition, food stalls in Karnataka have been the targets of raids. The choice to boycott these practices comes after grumblings from the general population about the offer of tainted food. Specialists have seized tests from kebabs and different dishes and sent them for testing. The decision was made after the tests revealed a significant rise in the use of artificial coloring agents. The specialists have gotten various protests from the general population against the utilization of counterfeit varieties in food, provoking authorities to test kebabs and samplers. The testing showed that artificial coloring agents were being used more and more, which led to the decision. It is now realized that Manchurian has been prohibited in Karnataka. After it was discovered that the use of artificial coloring agents has significantly increased in dishes like Manchurian and sweets, the decision was made to prohibit these practices.

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