Thursday, July 25, 2024
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KCR in Trouble Over BRS MLAs:

KCR in Trouble Over BRS MLAs


The saga of appeasement continues at the Erravalli farmhouse. After a three-day break, KCR has resumed its efforts to placate party leaders. He is pleading with MLAs and ZP chairpersons not to leave the party, assuring them that the BRS will return to power and stay in office for 15 years this time. Despite his efforts, it seems many leaders, including MLAs, are preparing to leave the party.

Former Chief Minister KCR, who acted like a dictator while in power, is now under significant stress due to the developments occurring after losing power. On one hand, there are investigations into the irregularities during his tenure, and on the other, the party is becoming empty as leaders are defecting. KCR, who didn’t allow public representatives to enter Pragati Bhavan while in power, is now personally calling them and inviting them to his farmhouse, begging them to stay. For the past ten days, he has been summoning party representatives to the farmhouse, taking a three-day break in between, and then resuming the program.

KCR has already called several party MLAs to the farmhouse and tried hard to convince them, assuring them that the future belongs to BRS. Despite his efforts, not all MLAs have stayed in the party. For instance, Chevella MLA Kale Yadaiah was invited to the farmhouse and persuaded, but the very next day, he flew to Delhi and joined the Congress party in the presence of CM Revanth Reddy. Yadaiah’s defection reduced the number of BRS MLAs from 39 to 32. As his efforts to convince the MLAs have failed, KCR is now trying hard to retain other leaders. Recently, he invited BRS ZP chairpersons to the Erravalli farmhouse, hosted them and their families, and assured them that the BRS would return to power and rule for 15 years. He also claimed that there is already public discontent against the Congress government.

The BRS, which lost the assembly elections, suffered a significant defeat in the Lok Sabha elections a month and a half ago. Despite this, KCR is talking about 15 years of power, which is being ridiculed by leaders who visited the farmhouse.

Party leaders are mocking KCR, saying it is laughable that he is talking about being in power for 15 years when he cannot even retain the current MLAs. Six MLAs have already joined the Congress, and there are rumors that more will follow. With the assembly budget sessions starting on July 24, there is a possibility of large-scale defections from Greater Hyderabad to the Congress. Some MLAs have already received the green signal from Congress leaders.

The defections of LB Nagar MLA Sudhir Reddy, Amberpet MLA Kaleru Venkatesh, Musheerabad MLA Muta Gopal, and Uppal MLA Bandari Laxma Reddy to Congress are almost certain. Former minister and Sanathnagar MLA Talasani Srinivas Yadav, who had been silent until recently, is now quietly moving towards joining the Congress. He is reportedly in talks with Akhilesh Yadav, a key figure in the INDIA alliance. If Talasani’s efforts succeed, it appears the BRS will lose ground in Greater Hyderabad.

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