Monday, July 22, 2024
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KCR Meeting with Party MLAs: Is BRS Chief KCR Under Pressure?

KCR Meeting with Party MLAs: Is BRS Chief KCR Under Pressure?


There is growing speculation in political circles about whether BRS leader KCR is facing tension. Why can’t he stop MLAs from leaving the party? Why did he meet with Greater Hyderabad MLAs on Tuesday? What kind of assurance did KCR give to the MLAs? Did he send them away saying good days are coming in the future? Who will protect and reassure the cadre? Are another 20 MLAs saying goodbye to the party? These questions are circulating widely in political circles.

The car party is experiencing severe tremors. There is a situation where the leader does not know when any MLA will switch parties. BRS Chief KCR is facing many difficulties to prevent MLAs from leaving. In the past two days, two MLAs have said goodbye to the party, creating an uncertain situation within the car party.

It is reported that MLAs from the Greater area are preparing to change parties soon. In this context, a meeting was held with KCR at the farmhouse on Tuesday. Former ministers Harish Rao, Vemula Prashant Reddy, along with MLAs KP Vivekananda Goud, Maganti Gopinath, Mutha Gopal, Madhavaram Krishna Rao, Arikapudi Gandhi, Prakash Goud, MLCs Seri Subhash Reddy, and Dande Vithal were present.

It is reported that the meeting lasted for about four to five hours. Some leaders say that KCR showed them a paradise in the palm of his hand by saying that the future belongs to them. However, there is no clarity from the rose boss on what their current situation is. KCR assured the MLAs that good days are coming for the party in the future and advised them not to switch parties. He reportedly said that they would implement Plan B in another month. KCR reminded them that even during YS’s regime, MLAs switched parties, but the party remained strong. He is particularly focused on preventing MLAs from defecting. Considering the Supreme Court’s verdict last year, KCR is prepared to approach the court on this matter. It is said that KCR held discussions with each MLA for over 15 minutes.

In the past six months, six MLAs have said goodbye to the car party. Currently, it is reported that BRS has 32 MLAs. It is said that a few more may switch parties before the Greater elections. KCR has taken the departure of former Speaker and Banswada MLA Pocharam, and Jagtial MLA Sanjay Kumar from the party very seriously. KTR, KCR’s son and BRS Working President, did not attend this meeting.

Those who observed KCR’s words say they align with YSRCP leader Jagan’s style. They say KCR is confident that they will win the next election just like Jagan. However, the strategy for this has not been revealed anywhere. It is certain that if we wait for a few days, everyone will know what KCR’s Plan B is.

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