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“Kenza Layli won the Miss AI title: Morocco’s Miss AI Beauty Kenza Layli”

"Kenza Layli won the Miss AI title: Morocco's Miss AI Beauty Kenza Layli"


Kenza Layli, a Moroccan influencer, emerged victorious in the first-ever AI beauty pageant held worldwide. This beauty, who topped the AI chart, outperformed 1500 models to seize the crown, earning the title of World Miss AI. The winner received a prize money of $20,000.

From India, Zara Shatavari made it to the top 10 list but couldn’t clinch the title. The contest was conducted under the name World AI Creator Award, marking the first time such a competition has been held globally. Approximately 1500 AI models from around the world participated. French influencer Lalina Valina secured the second place, while Portuguese traveler Olivia settled for the third place.

The Miss AI winner was selected based on the looks of AI beauties, their technological skills, and the influence they exhibit on social media. There were four judges in total, including two AI influencers. After her victory, Kenza stated that although she doesn’t have emotions like humans, winning made her very happy.

Kenza Layli was created by Meriam Bessa, the CEO of Phoenix AI. Upon winning the competition, photos of her walking the ramp were posted online, going viral. Kenza has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, where she primarily posts videos about food, culture, fashion, beauty, and travel.

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