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Key Update from NASA on Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams Stuck in Space

Key Update from NASA on Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams Stuck in Space


NASA has provided a critical update regarding Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams, who is currently stuck in space. They have announced that her return will be further delayed. In the latest report released by NASA, it was estimated that Sunita Williams, who entered the International Space Station (ISS), might remain there for another 48 to 90 days.

 Technical Issue with the Spacecraft

The reason for this delay is a technical problem with the Boeing Starliner spacecraft. Along with her, another astronaut, Barry Wilmore, has also had his return from the ISS postponed. Since Sunita Williams will have to stay in space for an extended period, it appears she may face some difficulties. Some of the thrusters in the Starliner failed unexpectedly in the first stage. NASA has conducted a review of these failures. However, NASA mentioned that the engineers still do not know the exact reasons behind the Starliner’s issues.

 Concerns Over Helium Leak

In addition to the thruster problems, some helium leaks were detected while the craft was en route to the ISS. On the other hand, there is still no clarity on whether NASA will extend the mission’s duration to 90 days.

 Another Landing Postponement

Sunita Williams, who reached space on June 5 along with astronaut Wilmore, faced issues with their return journey, leading to a postponed landing. They were supposed to return to Earth on June 14 as part of their 10-day mission to the ISS. However, due to the technical issues with the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, the return was postponed. NASA rescheduled their return for June 26, but the landing was delayed again. Recently, it has been announced that their return will be delayed by another two months.

 Fuel: Only 20 Days Remaining

The Starliner spacecraft experienced a helium gas leak, causing the return journey of Sunita Williams to be halted. There are allegations that NASA was aware of the helium gas leak even before Sunita Williams’ mission launch. However, NASA, not considering it a major threat, sent Sunita Williams on the space journey. The Starliner has a fuel capacity of only 45 days. Since the mission started on June 5, 25 days have already passed, leaving only 20 days of fuel remaining. Sunita Williams must return to Earth within this time frame. However, the suspense over their return continues due to the ongoing issues with the Starliner. Sunita Williams and Wilmore will likely return to Earth only after the Starliner repairs are completed.

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