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Kishan Reddy Pledges Support for Warangal Airport Project

Kishan Reddy’s Commitment to ‘Mission 100 Days’

Union Minister for Coal and Mines, G. Kishan Reddy, emphasized his dedication to the ‘Mission 100 Days’ agenda during his first press conference since his new appointment. Following a Cabinet meeting led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Reddy outlined his plans to engage with officials to propel forward national development projects. He stressed the critical role coal plays in power generation and the steel industry, asserting his commitment to enhancing these sectors.

Ensuring Seamless Coordination in Coal Mining

Kishan Reddy highlighted the importance of private operators in the coal mining industry. He assured that the government would ensure seamless coordination with these operators to optimize coal production and supply. Reddy announced that the Centre is set to introduce special initiatives aimed at boosting revenue generation within the coal sector. Reflecting on the progress made since 2014, he noted the substantial increase in coal production, which has significantly reduced the frequency of power cuts experienced by various states.

Transparency and Efficiency in Coal Sector

Reddy condemned the previous malpractices in the coal sector during the UPA tenure, pointing to numerous scams that plagued the industry. He praised the Modi government for implementing transparent policies that have curbed these malpractices in coal mining, supply, and consumption. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, Reddy vowed to manage the coal and mining ministries with the highest efficiency, ensuring that the sector operates transparently and effectively.

Advocacy for Warangal Airport

During his address, Kishan Reddy assured that he would advocate for the construction of a new airport in Warangal. He plans to discuss this significant infrastructure project with the newly appointed Civil Aviation Minister, K. Ramomohan Naidu, who hails from Andhra Pradesh. This initiative is expected to boost regional connectivity and support local economic development.

Boost for Regional Airports

Reddy expressed his optimism about the future of regional airports under the new Cabinet. He highlighted the strategic appointments of Bandi Sanjay as Deputy to Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Pemmasani Chandrasekhar as MoS for Rural Development and Communication. He specifically noted that the airports in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, and Puttaparthi are poised to receive significant attention and development under the leadership of Civil Aviation Minister Rammohan Naidu.

Power Sector Developments

Reddy underscored the dramatic improvements in India’s power sector since 2014, attributing these advancements to increased coal production. He pointed out that enhanced power generation has been crucial in meeting the rising demand across agriculture, industry, and domestic sectors. This increased capacity has supported India’s broader economic growth and stability.

Cooperation with State Governments

Reddy also highlighted that most mines in India operate under the control of state governments. He emphasized the importance of maintaining strong coordination between the central and state governments to ensure the smooth functioning of the coal sector. This cooperation is vital for sustaining the momentum of progress achieved over the past decade.


In his concluding remarks, Kishan Reddy reiterated his commitment to driving forward the nation’s coal and mining sectors. His proactive approach and dedication to transparency aim to sustain India’s growth trajectory. The proposed Warangal airport, along with the anticipated developments in other regional airports, underscores the Modi government’s commitment to improving infrastructure and connectivity across the country. As Kishan Reddy embarks on his ‘Mission 100 Days,’ his focus on collaboration and efficiency will be key to achieving these ambitious goals.

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