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Kishan Reddy Takes Charge of Coal and Mines; Bandi Sanjay Becomes Shah’s Deputy

Kishan Reddy’s Prominent Role in Modi’s Cabinet

Senior BJP leader G. Kishan Reddy has once again secured a prominent position in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Union Cabinet, now taking charge of the coal and mines ministries. Previously, Reddy managed the portfolios of tourism, culture, and the development of northeastern regions. His new role signifies continued trust and recognition from both Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Bandi Sanjay’s New Role as Shah’s Deputy

Telangana’s firebrand leader, Bandi Sanjay, has been appointed as the deputy to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. This position was once held by Kishan Reddy, underscoring the strategic importance of Sanjay’s appointment. Sanjay’s followers are thrilled with this development, seeing it as a significant opportunity for their leader to be mentored by one of the BJP’s most influential figures. This move is also expected to bolster BJP’s prospects in Telangana ahead of the 2028 state elections, aligning with Sanjay’s aggressive political style.

K. Rammohan Naidu’s Civil Aviation Ministry

K. Rammohan Naidu, the lone Cabinet minister from Andhra Pradesh and a TD MP, has been assigned the civil aviation ministry. Despite the limited scope for new airports in Andhra Pradesh, which already has operational airports in Visakhapatnam, Rajamahendravaram, Vijayawada, Tirupati, and Kadapa, this portfolio holds potential for enhancing existing Infrastructure and enhancing air connectivity withinside the region.

Strategic Portfolios for Andhra Pradesh

Two Ministers of State from Andhra Pradesh have received portfolios that could significantly benefit the state. Dr. Pemmasani Chandrasekhar of the TD has been allotted the rural development and communications ministry, while BJP MP B. Srinivas Varma will handle heavy industries and steel. These portfolios are crucial for fostering development and industrial growth in Andhra Pradesh, aligning with the state’s broader economic goals.

Kishan Reddy’s Journey and Recognition

Kishan Reddy’s ascent in Modi’s cabinet has been noteworthy. Since his induction in 2014, Reddy has garnered the admiration of both the Prime Minister and Amit Shah. Initially serving as Shah’s deputy in the Home Ministry, Reddy was later elevated to Minister of State with independent charge, overseeing tourism and the development of northeastern states. His new role in coal and mines marks another significant milestone in his political career.

Bandi Sanjay’s Impact on Telangana Politics

Bandi Sanjay’s new role is expected to further his aggressive political approach, fitting well with the BJP’s strategy to establish a stronger foothold in Telangana by 2028. His proximity to Amit Shah and the experience gained as his deputy will likely enhance his influence and effectiveness within the state’s political landscape.

Challenges and Opportunities for Andhra Pradesh

Despite the civil aviation ministry’s limited scope for new developments, Andhra Pradesh’s leaders are focused on maximizing the benefits from their portfolios. The TD leadership, while initially hoping for more impactful portfolios like rural or urban development, remains optimistic about securing necessary funds for the state’s growth. A senior TD leader emphasized that efforts to pitch for funds will continue vigorously, regardless of the portfolio assignments.


The latest cabinet reshuffle highlights the strategic importance of key leaders like Kishan Reddy and Bandi Sanjay in the BJP’s broader political agenda. With significant roles in crucial ministries, these leaders are poised to drive development and strengthen the party’s position both at the state and national levels. Andhra Pradesh, despite some initial reservations, stands to gain from the allocated portfolios, ensuring a focused approach towards its development goals.

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