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“KS Chithra’s Ayodhya Appeal Sparks Controversy in Social Media Criticism”

Renowned singer KS Chithra found herself at the center of social media criticism after issuing an appeal for people to recite Lord Ram’s mantra and light lamps on January 22. Known as the ‘Nightingale of the South,’ Chithra’s video message aimed to coincide with the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya.

However, her plea faced backlash, with some social media users questioning the appropriateness of the request. Critics pointed out the controversial history of the Ayodhya temple’s construction, highlighting the demolition of a mosque. Some expressed their disapproval, emphasizing the need to acknowledge historical complexities.

One such critique came from writer Indu Menon, who expressed skepticism about the efficacy of rituals and the temple’s history. She wrote, “No matter how much you chant, no Rama and Vishnu are going to come. Even if you light 5 lakh lamps, your mind is not going to be filled with light.”

Despite the criticism, singer G Venugopal came to Chithra’s defense, urging forgiveness for someone who has not been embroiled in controversies before. He emphasized the need to overlook differences of opinion and appreciate Chithra’s significant contributions to the music industry.

KS Chithra, a Padma Bhushan awardee, has received six national film awards and 36 state film awards from six states. Her extensive repertoire includes over 25,000 recorded songs in various languages, showcasing her undeniable impact on the Indian music scene.

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