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KTR Asserts the Importance of Charminar for Hyderabad

KT Rama Rao, the working president of the BRS party, has strongly voiced against any potential alteration to the state’s official emblem, particularly concerning the exclusion of significant cultural symbols like Charminar and Kakatiya Toranam. He emphasized that Charminar holds profound significance for Hyderabad, much like Kakatiya Toranam does for Telangana.

Addressing reporters during his visit to Charminar to protest against the speculated emblem changes, Rama Rao underscored the sentiments of the people of Hyderabad and Telangana, stressing the need to retain Charminar and Kakatiya Toranam in the state emblem. He condemned any attempts to remove these symbols, stating that such actions would be perceived as an insult to the state’s heritage and culture, and would face strong opposition from the populace.

Despite facing obstacles from the authorities in staging a formal protest at Charminar, Rama Rao was permitted to address the media, where he reiterated the party’s stance on the matter. He questioned the urgency behind the proposed emblem changes, criticizing Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy for what he described as indulging in petty and vengeful acts instead of focusing on governance and fulfilling promises made to the people.

Rama Rao’s visit follows a similar protest led by a senior BRS leader and former MP at Kakatiya Toranam in Warangal Fort, advocating for the preservation of the arch in the emblem. He warned that any attempt to remove Kakatiya Toranam would result in legal action.

The controversy surrounding the emblem changes has sparked concerns among the populace regarding the preservation of the state’s cultural identity. Both Charminar and Kakatiya Toranam hold historical and cultural significance, symbolizing the rich heritage of Hyderabad and Telangana, respectively.

In light of these developments, the BRS party remains steadfast in its demand to retain these iconic symbols in the state emblem, echoing the sentiments of the people and emphasizing the importance of preserving cultural heritage amidst political maneuvers.

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