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“KTR’s Vision for BRS ,Emerging from a Service Break to Accelerate in Parliament Elections”

In a significant address during a wide-scale meeting in the Chevella Assembly segment of Rangareddy district, KTR, the President of BRS Working Committee, drew an analogy, stating that the party had been stuck on the road to Delhi for fourteen years, undergoing a much-needed servicing. He expressed confidence in revving up the party’s speed for the upcoming Parliament elections.

Addressing activists, KTR emphasized the transition from a position of power for ten years to the current opposition role, urging the party to learn from mistakes and evolve into a wise political force. Acknowledging the designated roles assigned by the people, he pledged to make BRS’s voice resonate in the political landscape.

Reflecting on the party’s efforts since 2014, KTR acknowledged coordination errors but downplayed the previous electoral setback, noting that it was not a “terrible defeat,” despite falling short by around 14 seats. He set an ambitious goal for BRS MP candidates to secure victories in the next election.

Concerning the upcoming Parliament elections, KTR underscored the potential damage if Dudu Basavanna of Congress and BJP were sent to Delhi. He expressed the desire to secure a substantial majority for Ranjith Reddy as Chevella MP and affirmed his role as a strong opposition figure, fighting for the people’s interests.

Highlighting the 100-day mark of the Congress government on March 17, KTR declared the party’s commitment to hold the government accountable for promises made. He supported the unanimous election of Vikarabad MLA Gaddam Prasad Kumar as the Speaker of the Assembly and criticized the BJP for its perceived inaction. KTR emphasized that only BRS leaders could effectively represent Telangana in Parliament and called on activists to rectify past mistakes and advance as a robust and intelligent political entity.

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