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Kurnool Police Conduct Mock Drill at Rayalaseema University Ahead of Vote Counting

In preparation for the upcoming vote counting on June 4, the Kurnool police organized a comprehensive mock drill near Rayalaseema University on Tuesday. The purpose of the drill was to raise awareness about maintaining law and order during and after the announcement of election results. District Collector G. Srijana and Superintendent of Police G. Krishnakanth were present to explain the measures and actions demonstrated during the exercise.

The mock drill included various scenarios to showcase the police’s preparedness in handling potential disturbances. These scenarios involved dispersing rioting mobs, controlling destructive behaviors, restoring order, providing medical assistance to the injured, and ensuring the safety of the general public. SP Krishnakanth emphasized that Section 144 will be enforced at the counting center to prevent unlawful assembly and ensure a peaceful process.

During the drill, police officers simulated clashes with individuals posing as protesters. These staged protesters engaged in stone-throwing, to which the police responded with a series of crowd-control tactics. The response included the use of tear gas, simulated gunfire, deployment of Vajra vehicles, and lathi charges. These measures were demonstrated to show how the police intend to manage and neutralize any violent situations effectively.

Collector Srijana and SP Krishnakanth highlighted the importance of the drill in preparing the police force and other emergency services for any eventualities that might arise during the vote counting. They stressed the commitment to maintaining peace and order and ensuring the safety of citizens throughout the process. The mock drill also aimed to reassure the public of the police’s capability and readiness to handle any disturbances.

In addition to the physical demonstrations, the mock drill included briefings on the legal implications of inciting violence and the procedures for arresting and prosecuting offenders. The exercise underscored the zero-tolerance policy towards any attempts to disrupt the counting process or incite chaos in the community.

Overall, the mock drill served as a crucial preparation for the authorities, demonstrating their readiness to uphold law and order during the critical period of vote counting. The event also provided an opportunity for the police to fine-tune their strategies and coordination, ensuring a swift and effective response to any incidents. The proactive approach taken by the Kurnool police aims to ensure that the vote counting process proceeds smoothly and without incident, safeguarding the democratic process and public peace.

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