Monday, July 22, 2024
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Latest News on AP Capital Amaravati

Latest News on AP Capital Amaravati


Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, has faced neglect under the YSRCP administration and has now become overrun with weeds. However, ever since Chandrababu Naidu took charge as Chief Minister again, Amaravati has started to breathe new life. Naidu believes that it’s time to accelerate the development process and has given a fresh boost to the region. True to his word, he has released a white paper on the development of the Amaravati region. What does this white paper contain, and what has Naidu said about the capital’s development?

Naidu expressed his commitment to developing Amaravati as a symbol of progress for the people of Andhra Pradesh. He lamented that the YSRCP government had left Amaravati in ruins. He stated that when he left office, Amaravati was a thriving project, but now it stands neglected. Soil from every village was brought to Amaravati, and sacred water and soil from the Yamuna River and the Parliament were brought in by Prime Minister Modi. Over 29,000 farmers contributed 34,400 acres of land for the project. Compensation was given to farmers and laborers. Including government land and land donated by farmers, there are 53,745 acres in total. Naidu criticized the YSRCP government for doing nothing with this land and turning a project that was meant to be a city like Singapore into a ghost city.

Naidu questioned why Amaravati had to suffer and stated that even the most hardened terrorists wouldn’t oppose Amaravati. He accused some individuals of mindlessly obstructing the development of Amaravati. He said that for 1,631 days, Amaravati’s farmers and women were subjected to various forms of harassment. He blamed former Chief Minister Jagan for inflicting suffering on the five crore people of Andhra with his foolishness, vendetta, and Tughlaq-like decisions. Naidu envisioned Amaravati as a hub with nine sectors, including financial, knowledge, tourism, electronics, and health city, but all these plans were halted after Jagan came to power. He also recalled how the Praja Vedika building was demolished immediately after Jagan took office, criticizing the simplicity with which the structure was destroyed without considering the implications.

Now, Naidu is faced with the challenge of redeveloping Amaravati. Rebuilding investor confidence is not an easy task. How will he convince investors and restart construction? These are the challenges he currently faces. However, Naidu is optimistic about turning the ruins into a golden future. He has confidently stated that work has already begun in Amaravati, and they will complete the projects step by step.

The TDP’s victory in the AP elections marks the beginning of a new era for Amaravati. Naidu had declared before the elections that Andhra Pradesh would have only one capital, and that is Amaravati. True to his word, he visited Amaravati immediately after his victory and released the white paper on its development. Naidu appears confident that he will develop Amaravati as promised, and we hope to see this vision become a reality.

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