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Legal Challenges Mount for Bigg Boss 7 Winner, Pallavi Prashanth.

In a surprising turn of events, Pallavi Prashanth, the acclaimed winner of Bigg Boss 7, finds herself embroiled in a legal predicament. The Jubilee Hills police in Telangana have escalated matters by registering a case against Prashanth, naming her as A-1 in the Veerangam case, a matter related to fans of the popular reality show.

As the police intensify their efforts to apprehend Prashanth, recent reports suggest she might be evading authorities. Shedding light on the unfolding situation, Advocate Rajesh Kumar, representing Prashanth’s interests, made notable observations at the Jubilee Hills Police Station. Kumar’s visit was not without its share of challenges; he expressed dismay over the perceived lack of cooperative policing in Telangana.

A significant bone of contention arose when Kumar sought access to the First Information Report (FIR) concerning Prashanth’s case. Instead of a straightforward process, he was directed to have Prashanth’s family retrieve the document, albeit without receiving a comprehensive overview. This procedural hiccup has since sparked calls from Kumar for increased transparency. He contends that making the FIR details publicly accessible would not only ensure clarity but also uphold the principles of accountability in the ongoing investigation involving the renowned television personality.

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