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Lemon Grass Tea: Does One Cup a Day Add Years to Your Life?

Lemon Grass Tea: Does One Cup a Day Add Years to Your Life?


Systolic blood pressure is favorably influenced by lemon grass tea. A small fall occurs in hypertension, while a slight rise occurs in hypotension cases. It helps in blood pressure control. High potassium content also brings down blood pressure. It also allows urination. Lemon grass tea improves the body’s immune system. It causes the gums not to bleed at all. Lemon grass and ginger tea induces sweating or what is called shedding of weight from the body. It controls the sugar levels in the blood. Lemon grass tea eliminates the agents that cause cancer. Digestive problems and disorders of sleep are checked. Kidney, liver, and headache problems are helped out by lemon grass tea made with ginger. Cough, cold, allergies, and dental problems get relief through lemon grass tea. Lemon grass tea removes the toxins from the body.

This lemon grass tea, therefore, is rich in nutrients and, further, acts as an antioxidant by accepting these free radicals. This reduces the risk of chronic disease and prevents gum diseases, strokes, and others. Lemon grass contains citral and geraniol, involving two main substances that protect the gums.

Drinking lemon grass tea every day keeps a person from the risk of gum diseases for a long period. Similarly, the lemon grass with citral prevents the development of cancer. It is rich in a strong antioxidant called Yanti. It enhances the body’s strength to fight back cancer. It fights cancer by enhancing the immune system of the body that fights cancer. Lemon grass is also very excellent for people who are under chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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