Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Liberal Party’s By-Election Defeat Pressures Trudeau

Liberal Party's By-Election Defeat Pressures Trudeau


The Liberal Party, drove by State leader Justin Trudeau in Canada, has experienced a huge difficulty. Canada will hold general elections in the coming year. The party has been defeated in one of its strongholds in this context. The Toronto-St. Paul’s congressional seat, which has served as the party’s stronghold for the past three decades.

By-elections were recently held for the “Toronto-St. Paul’s seat in Congress. Dan Stewart, a candidate for the opposition Conservative Party, defeated the Liberal Party candidate in these elections. Lesley Church, the Liberal Party’s candidate in the by-election that was just announced, lost. The by-election was won by Stewart by more than 500 votes.

In this seat, the ruling Liberal Party has lost for the first time since 1993. The Liberal Party, which was first crushed here in 1993, is battling to find some peace with this misfortune following thirty years.

Amrit Parhar, an Indian-American candidate for the New Democratic Party, finished in third place in the same by-election. Unmistakable figures have communicated that the decision given by general society is a critical disaster for the decision party.

According to Canadian media, the ruling party’s defeat is being viewed as a shock in light of the approaching general elections next year. Pierre Poilievre, leader of the opposition Conservative Party, has requested that Parliamentary midterm elections be held immediately following Lesley Church’s defeat in this by-election.

At the G7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau met. Trudeau made the announcement at this meeting that he might be able to start new economic and national security relations with the new Indian government.

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