Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Liquor Sales Jump 40-50% on T20 Final Night

Liquor Sales Jump 40-50% on T20 Final Night


Though India didn’t win the T20 World Cup, beer flowed abundantly on match day. Liquor bottles were consumed like water. Orders for biryani, chicken, mutton, pizzas, and burgers skyrocketed. People kept placing orders through quick commerce platforms. Swiggy, Blinkit, Zepto, and Instamart all operated non-stop. For the three hours during the match, delivery boys were busy riding their bikes through every street in India. Small and big cities, towns, hotels, bars, restaurants, and pubs were all packed.

It’s reported that liquor and non-veg hotel businesses increased by 40% on match day. According to a report by fintech startup Simple, online market business increased by 40 to 50% during the final match. Additionally, there’s no count of how much business pubs, bars, and restaurants, where people went directly, generated. Orders kept pouring in non-stop from 8 PM to 11 PM on match day. One person spent ₹16,410 on quick commerce that day, and there were countless orders of ₹100 each. Another customer placed as many as 59 orders. Compared to the 2023 ODI World Cup, orders increased by 35% this time. Since the match was on Saturday, it was manageable, but if it had been on Sunday, it would have been chaotic, people say.

According to an Economic Times report, Virat Kohli’s ‘One8 Commune Restaurant’ in Mumbai was completely full. The Beer Café restaurant chain, which has been around for 12 years, saw its highest single-day revenue ever. Not just these, but hotel and bar businesses across the country boomed. Many businessmen mentioned that it was the first time they saw such a crowd. Netizens humorously commented that our people drank a little more in celebration of winning the World Cup this time. If we had lost, they might have drunk even more out of sorrow. Isn’t that true!

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