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Mahesh Babu to rope in Sumanth Prabhas

Mahesh Babu will be doing a small film with Sumanth Prabhas. If you are wondering who the guy is, he is the debutant hero of ‘Mem Famous’.

‘Mem Famous’ is going to be released in theatres on May 26. Ahead of its release, Mahesh said that Sumanth appears to be a superb talent. Chai Bisket Films, which has co-produced ‘Mem Famous’, wants to produce Sumanth’s next film. In this regard, Chai Bisket Films is collaborating with Mahesh Babu’s banner to produce a film with Sumanth as the hero.

Their previous collaboration was ‘Major’. Mahesh Babu co-produced the Adivi Sesh-starrer with Chai Bisket Films’ arm, A+S Movies. So, they come with a previous working relationship.

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