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“Mahesh Babu’s Beedi Twist, Smoking Reality in ‘Guntur Kaaram'”

Mahesh Babu, known for his sophisticated and posh image, is regarded as one of the most attractive actors in Indian cinema. Despite his classy persona, he has a knack for playing mass characters that resonate with a broad audience. His current role as Ramana in “Guntur Kaaram” is a testament to his versatility, portraying a carefree and chain-smoking youngster from Guntur.

In the film, Mahesh Babu’s character is often seen with a cigarette or beedi, showcasing a rebellious and nonchalant demeanor. However, in real life, the actor does not indulge in smoking. During a recent interview while promoting “Guntur Kaaram,” Mahesh Babu revealed an interesting detail about the film – the ‘beedi’ used on screen is made of clove leaves instead of tobacco.

This revelation adds a unique touch to his character, highlighting Mahesh Babu’s commitment to authenticity in his performances. The actor’s ability to seamlessly switch between roles, from a classy image to portraying characters with distinct habits, contributes to his enduring appeal. As “Guntur Kaaram” continues to draw audiences into theaters, Mahesh Babu’s charismatic presence and dedication to his craft shine through.

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